The Company and subsidiary companies pay attention to corporate social responsibility,

aimed at running business relating to production on order of ready to drink UHT milk, pasteurized milk and pasteurized fruit juice

with target to keep customers’ confidential, production good quality products and meeting international standard towards consumers, in time products’ delivery to customers as well as maintaining environment from production procedures. Every employee plays part in every production process so as to create satisfaction to customers. In addition, the Company also pays attention to occupational health and safety of the organization’s personnels as well as participating in development of society and community for their sustainability. In providing report of social responsibility, the Company provides it under “guidelines of responsibility to society of the business” concept by Thai Corporate Social Responsibility Institute (CSRI).

The Company arranges social responsibility as follow:
Running business with fairness

The Company commits to and supports good corporate governance. Its internal management system put emphasis on equal, fair, efficient, and transparent working procedures and systems to create trust and confidence among shareholders, investors, stakeholders and all involved parties.

The Company and subsidiary companies encourage Executives and employees using customers’ resources and assets for maximum benefits, strictly comply with terms and conditions of trade as well as avoid exploiting customers’ data for personal benefit among themselves and related parties. They must also take into account quality and standard as per set by Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) so as to create confidence among customers who produce products with the Company for being supplied to consumers.

Abico Dairy Farm Co., Ltd. (subsidiary company) get a license for ISO 9001:2015 a certificate which is international standard certificate which are paid attention by worldwide business organizations. In 2018 the Company was certified in SMETA SEDEX (Standard on code of conduct regarding labor, safety, environment-oriented practice, and transparency) from SGS United Kingdom Ltd.

The Company has developed its innovations by utilizing production in machinery. For obtain quality products and to respond to the expansion of customers to be able to continue to compete with the market.


The Company realizes importance of running business with transparency as well as supporting and encouraging Executives and employees to refrain from demanding, presenting or giving bribe in terms of nominal money and other forms from their duty performance, and complying with related laws and regulations, and non-supporting of finished works from corruption practice.

Respect to Human Rights.

Human rights and labor practices in a fair and equal to the local labor force in general, whether it's wages welfare including providing training in enhancing labor skills in the workplace. As well as providing an opportunity to show the potential for the advancement of all employees.

Fair Treatment to Labor.

Human resource is one of the key factors for the Company to improve and create value-added production results. Thus the Company has strong determination to provide best condition for its employees through fair treatment, opportunities, and compensation, welfare and skill development programs.

Furthermore, the Company has continued to improve and promote internal working environment to ensure good life quality, including health and safety at work.

Responsibilities to Consumers

Abico Dairy Farm Co., Ltd. (subsidiary company) runs business of production to order of UHT milk, pasteurized milk and pasteurized fruit juice. It has procedure of quality verification procedures of raw materials and packaging in production process before end products are distributed to consumers. Verification is based on inspecting the company’s internal personals by standard tools. Inspection also concentrates on state agencies and the Company’s customers who hire the Company for production to order. Verification also includes attaching labels at the products with details of ingredient of products during production, benefits and consuming per unit of the products, keeping the products and expiration date. The practice is in line with principle of laws, regulations and international standard so as to create confidence for consumers towards products.

On December 18, 2019, Abico Dairy Farm Company Limited (“subsidiary”) was certified in Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) 2200.

Certification (FSSC) 2200. PPO Farm Co., Ltd. (subsidiary company) is dairy farm with international standard level of farm management. The company uses modern machineries to produce feed mill. Hence, it results in good, clean, quality milk with safety and hygienic standard, In addition, quality of milk was certified in terms of standard of milk production from farm and production of raw milk, by Department of Livestock Development. In addition, the company’s farm was awarded honorary shield from good species animal’s network, national level, since in 2014. The farm is A-level disease free dairy farm. So, consumers have been confident in quality of raw milk from the farm.

Environment Care

The Company pays attention to potential impact towards environment. Consequently, it constructed 6 waste water treatment. And Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) is also checked every month by Environment and Laboratory Co., Ltd. Department of Industrial Works also inspects the Company’s plants once a year. And the Company has had no record of defying regulations at all.

On January 28, 2019, Abico Dairy Farm Company Limited (“subsidiary”) was certified in “Green Industry Level 2” by the Ministry of Industry of Thailand for its activities to reduce environmental effects as committed.

Contribution to Development of Communities and Societies

The Company has been hiring local labors in order to create employment and sustainable development of skilled labors for different communities both in contract manufacturing business and dairy farm business. This move also helps stimulating economy in those communities.

The Company is aware of the coexistence with communities and societies in terms of participating in activities together with the communities in order to create good cooperation between the communities and the Company. The activities in which the Company participated together with the community in 2019 include “Toxic Waste Exchange” with Seemamongkol Municipality for the second consecutive year; scholarships for students, children’s day with communities; sponsorship of milk products for local students, foster homes, and residents; almshouse booths; continuation of traditions along with communities; etc.